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Shiv Patel

HEAS Energy
Lynchburg, VA

“Within just a week of implementing LottoShield, we thwarted a $1,200 theft, greatly enhancing cashier accountability and streamlining our lottery operations.”

David Tooley

Tooley Oil Company
Sacramento, CA

“We've seen a tremendous reduction in shortages since using LottoShield, and my stores don't have to do near the work they used to. I can tell you that we've had losses that cost us more than what LottoShield now costs our company for the whole year.”

Fidaa Mohrez

H&S Energy Products
Orange, CA

“At last, we've found an amazing solution for scratcher loss prevention. With this live control and tracking tool, our scratcher inventory is secure from theft or loss. LottoShield is saving us more than $1M per year on operational efficiencies alone.”