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Protect your profits.

The average lottery retail store loses $5,000 annually to lottery theft, with potential losses soaring to a staggering $100,000. Don't let it be your store's reality. LottoShield is here to protect your bottom line with comprehensive protection against every type of lottery theft. Invest in peace of mind and secure your profits with LottoShield, the only system of its kind.

Automated Lottery Management

LottoShield is the only automated system for tracking and managing lottery inventory. It eliminates the need for paper logs, manual entry, and clunky back-office software. See why retailers across the country are turning to LottoShield to prevent shrink, protect profits, and take back their time.

Lightning fast inventory audits

The LottoShield scanner lets employees count inventory in just seconds, without the need for pen and paper or computers.

Automatic reconciliation

LottoShield automatically reconciles your inventory counts, sales data, and state lottery invoices, intelligently highlighting issues.

Powerful analytics

Detailed reports and insights help you quickly identify root causes and resolve issues, saving you from lengthy investigations.

"LottoShield saves us $1M+ per year"

"At last, we've found an amazing solution for scratcher loss prevention. With this live control and tracking tool, our scratcher inventory is secure from theft or loss. LottoShield is saving us more than $1M per year on operational efficiencies alone."

Fidaa Mohrez

H&S Energy Products
165 locations

"LottoShield has helped us tremendously"

"LottoShield has helped our organization tremendously. Our team members are spending less time on lottery reconciliation paperwork and have more time to do other job duties that have allowed us to provide better customer service and cleaner stores. We are happy to be partnered with LottoShield."

Miles H. Harrell

Duck Thru Food Stores
56 locations

Protection We Provide

LottoShield is the only system that connects to state lottery data to give you unmatched automation and security across your entire lottery category.

protection provided by lottoshield

Lottery Tracking

LottoShield is packed with features that make reconciling lottery sales effortless. Here are a few of them.

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Lottery tracking

LottoShield tracks and reconciles instant lottery inventory throughout the day, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Backstock monitoring

Instant lottery packs are monitored while in backstock to ensure they are not improperly activated.

Lotto & Payouts

Payouts and online lotto totals are reconciled between your POS and state lottery records.

Vending Machines

Instant lottery movement in vending machines is tracked and reconciled with cash withdrawals.

Detailed Timeline for Fast Investigations

When your lottery inventory is short, it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process to investigate and find the root cause. LottoShield provides a clear and detailed timeline, showing everything that has occurred leading up to an incident.

See audits, employee shifts, sales, voids, refunds, pack activations, and other information, all in one place.
Reduce your investigation time from hours to minutes.

Powerful Scanners for Counting Inventory

LottoShield provides two convenient lottery scanning solutions to help stores conduct accurate lottery audits while minimizing training requirements.

Our standalone, handheld scanner is designed for cashiers, and requires minimal training. Thousands of cashiers use it daily to conduct accurate audits several times per day, without issues.
Our mobile scanner helps store managers take accurate, fast audits of inventory in all parts of the store, including in backstock and vending machines.

Accounting Integrations

Traditionally, importing state lottery invoices into retail accounting systems has been a time-consuming process, often requiring dedicated full-time staff.

LottoShield integrates with accounting systems to streamline and automate your accounting process.
We will work with your team to customize the map reports to meet the needs of your existing setup.

Add New Games to your Price-Book

New lottery games are released frequently, and adding them to your price-book can be a time-consuming process, especially if your chain operates in multiple states.

LottoShield is the only service that automatically inserts new games into your price-book before the packs arrive at your stores.
Game details like UPC codes, names, and prices are taken directly from official sources to ensure accuracy.
scratcher packs

See Voids Resulting in Shortages

Tracking voids is an important part of any retail loss prevention strategy, but operators often lack the time to sift through hundreds or thousands of voids to identify theft.

LottoShield intelligently scans your entire chain and looks for voids that result in inventory shortages.
With a few clicks, you can quickly spot problematic patterns down to the employee and timestamp level.

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"Recovered thousands of dollars"

“In just one month with LottoShield, we have recovered thousands of dollars worth of cashier errors and thefts that were previously throwing our books off balance. It has saved us a lot of time, money, and headaches.”

Kathy L.

Chowchilla Chevron

"So easy to use"

“I have peace of mind that my lottery is under control. I know that employees are not stealing from me. The system is so easy to use and the reports and emails are so helpful. Thank you so much for creating this product.”

Lexie H.

Granada Fuel & Food

"Great product at a good price"

“LottoShield has solved my problems and cut cashier paperwork time in half. I would recommend it to any convenience store owner or operator. Great product at a good price.”

Chris C.

Fill N Chill

"I really like it!"

“This has made tracking our tickets so much easier and allows us to be on top of all of our stores! I really like it!”

Matt S.

M&M Fuels Northgate

"Can't do without"

“Every now and then, you are introduced to a tool that you soon realize you can’t do without. LottoShield is one of those tools. Not only does it simplify tracking packs, tickets, and sales, it serves as a daily reminder to your employees of what is expected of them.”

Soroush H.

Capitol Chevron

"I love LottoShield"

“I love LottoShield because it gives me visibility and control over lottery. I can quickly find out when mistakes happen and train employees to fix the issue.”

Rehan M.

Rollingwood Chevron

"The Gold Standard"

"LottoShield is the gold standard for lottery protection. In 10 years of running stores, I have never come across a system so elegant."

Shah S.

Pittsburg 76

"A Game Changer"

“LottoShield has been a game changer. LottoShield has been able to address and solve one of the most difficult issues with any convenience store operation.”

Omid K.

Scott Blvd Chevron

"I'll never go back to paper"

“I've decided to sell scratchers in all my stores because LottoShield makes it so easy. I'll never go back to paper logs.”

Moe A.

Novato 76

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